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I am passionate about expanding our pool of scientific knowledge and training the next generation. This has lead me to obtain my PhD, and now continue into a postdoctoral position at Cornell University. I am currently tackling the effects of chronic infection in Drosophila melanogaster together with two talented undergraduate researchers in the Lazzaro lab.

I believe that biology education should focus on training critical thinking and instilling a passion for biology through connections to everyday life. This is critical not only for future researchers, but for the entire community.

Host-Microbe Journalism

As part of my upper-level biology courses: Bucknell Biology of Host-Microbe Interactions (BIO306) and Muhlenberg Microbial Pathogenesis (BIO 486), students are asked to write journalism articles translating recent advances in the field into articles for readers with minimal science background.  After a round of peer review, the students vote on the articles they would like to represent the class.  Winning articles will be published on this website.